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About Counselling

Counselling can help you develop more effective ways of dealing with stressful or painful times, that might have arisen recently or that you may have been living with for a long time. Therapy can effect lasting change, such as enabling stressful or painful times to feel less overwhelming and more manageable.

Therapy can help if, for instance, you are:

  • Experiencing emotional difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, eating problems or suicidal feelings.

  • Struggling with a loss, such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, illness or disability.

  • Finding relationships difficult.

  • At a difficult crossroads in your life.

  • Suffering from trauma or dissociative issues.

  • Finding life meaningless or out of control.

  • Stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour that feel hard to change.

  • Experiencing difficulties with faith or spirituality.

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